Sri Lanka – House in the Village

A house built for retirement was the brief.

Designed and project managed on site, utilising local trade and materials, a house was constructed within 5 months in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) an island south of India in the Indian Ocean. Its diverse landscapes range from rainforest and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches.

The house was built using interlocking earth compressed bricks, to allow the walls to breath and prevent heat being trapped. The orientation, verandahs, high ceilings and cross ventilation mitigate the need for air conditioning in a highly tropical, humid landscape.

Everything from the kitchen work surfaces to handles on doors were a bespoke design.

Having respect and embedding ones self in the local culture was the best way to make sure the outcome sat well within the community and place.

Brunel’s SS Great Britain Cafe

Discover the ship that changed the world and the renovated cafe

We were proud to work alongside a London based branding team and the client SS Great Britain to revitalise the cafe for the No. 1 tourist attraction in Bristol.

The cafe was renovated over 7 nights to enable activity to continue during the day. The delivery was costed, project managed and designed by our in house team. The look and feel of the cafe was developed to match the brand associated with Brunel’s SS Great Britain.

Old Market Assembly

With Old Market Assembly we took delivery through to planning and over a year and half we gave architectural support to the clients Jamie Pike and Matt Pike. Matt Pike also designed and managed the build. It was a fun project to work on with a great collective of people making up the build team.

OVO Energy

OVO energy commissioned Nudge Group to create a unique, collaborative work environment, which sets the tone for the ethos of the young, fast growing company. Working with the existing 90’s building, Nudge turned a five-storey atrium space into a lushes green oasis, inclusive of a meeting room on stilts, reception desk, café area, library and signage.

The tree house on stilts is the centre piece of the five storey glass atrium, acting as a meeting room, viewing platform and playhouse. Designed in collaboration with Bower House construction and Round Wood Design Ltd., the feature was created entirely using locally sourced timber in keeping with OVO Energy’s eco mentality.

To further reflect the company’s  eco ideology, we worked with PlantCare to display over 700 plants around the building, including a 6.5m moss wall and vines trailing off the balconies of each floor.

The curvaceous library on the ground floor, designed by Nudge, allows a natural flow of people from the reception area through to the meeting spaces. The surrounding wooden slats mimic the rhythm of the structure on stilts and tree pots, giving the space a harmonic unity.

The refurbishment brings a new life into the office building, creating a light, fresh and inspiring environment for the employees and epitomizing the values of OVO energy.

The Wharf, Bristol

Redcliffe Wharf is one of Bristol’s most ‘iconic’ sites, just below the beautiful church of St Mary Redcliffe and close to the city centre. It was once at the very heart of Bristol’s maritime activity, and it was there that the ‘Matthew’ was built in recent years. It is now an unoccupied area of tarmac and derelict buildings, used as a temporary car-park.

The Wharf project was created in collaboration with Alastair Sawday of Sawday’s and Canopy and Stars to create a temporary creative activity for the empty site in a prime location of Bristol.

Alastair Sawday describes the project as having, “…the potential to become a symbol of Bristol’s dynamism, her capacity to innovate and put ideas into practice, and her drive to become a genuinely green city. The Wharf could also become a beacon for the European Green Capital Year of 2015 – with the project transferring to another site if the Wharf is no longer available.”

The Wharf project was developed at a rapid pace in early 2014 to help inspire the Council and residents of Bristol of the full potential of what such a public space could offer the city. It has received an extraordinary level of support from the Council, Bristol Mayor, public bodies and the community.

It comprises of:

  • ‘smart living’ pod showcasing emerging sustainable home’s technology
  • A ‘smart food’ venue, showcasing local, seasonal food.
  • A ‘smart energy’ play zone showcasing renewable energy system.
  • A ‘smart sleeping’ zone, or pop-up hotel, with rooms to rent in eco-pods or tents
  • Space for demonstrating low-cost eco-architectural designs.
  • Spa area (with hot tubs and yoga) and swimming pool in the harbour.

The Wharf project optimises Bristol’s search for a sustainable future, part of the Mayor’s ‘laboratory of change’ – and could be part of our engagement with the European Green Capital award.

This is a project for the residents and visitors of Bristol: A project that can take root anywhere in the city. A Nudge delivered project, keeping to our ethos, of:

  • Must be fun
  • Must inspire
  • Must be about people
  • Must enhance the social, economic and environmental attributes of a place.

Engine Shed

Brunel’s famous Engine Shed, used previously as the Commonwealth and Empire Museum. Designed as a growth hub for SET Squared, Bristol City Council, Local Enterprise Partnership, Bristol and Bath inward investment and University of Bristol. The building will provide facilities for over 60 start-up businesses and an exhibition open to the public, ‘Ambitious City’.

Located adjacent to the ramp of Temple Meads station at Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. Detailed development of material specification, furniture design, lighting layout, vision and design of entrance with planning submission for grade one listed building.

Temple Studios, Bristol

Digital Campus in Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, Temple Gate, BS1, Bristol for TCN UK.
Spatial layouts, lighting layout, electrical layouts, furniture design, material specifications were delivered.